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About me

If I had to pick one quality that makes me a good photographer it would definitely be patience. When it comes to getting that one shot, the one that you want HUGE on your wall, I will devote every ounce of myself to getting it. I usually need to be reminded by parents that an hour or two has gone by! All ages come with different challenges and excitements. I truly enjoy each and every age and stage from newborn to teen. 

As the martial arts instructor through out my whole life I have worked with children of all ages, I am all too well aware how stressful taking your kids for portraits can be. I encourage you to leave the stressing to me and just relax :). My goal is to have fun while allowing your children to be themselves. For me, there are few greater feelings than looking through the viewfinder and knowing that your child's adorable personality has been forever captured and preserved for you.

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